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Welcome to Website We are a fast and effeicient professional website design service undertaking new and existing projects. We work using the most recent web technologies, including CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript and Web Databases. In today's sofisticated website design era, the casual browser is generally presented with many well designed sites during any typical browsing session. Many of these sites are designed to immediately impress the surfer. Wether the surfer is casual, looking to buy or looking for a prefessional service the most important thing is once they've found your site, they stay on it.

Many of these sites can involve a complex thought and design process, involving many meetings during the design stage. As we have extensive experience in all aspects of site design, we are able to develop professional looking and functioning sites efficiently. Generally we can gain a good idea of the clients wants and needs within the first few conversations and often after only one meeting. After this we prototype the specification, then demonstrate it to the client making any refinements where necessary. We work this way because sites can develop the most efficient way while keeping costs down. We also offer a professional image design service which can be found here.

It is also quite important during the design to to ensure that the site and any pages developed are optimised for search engine compatibility. This will ensure that once your site is submitted there is nothing within the site which would demote a search engine ranking.


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Thumb Image World Property Bulgaria
World Property is a property website based in Varna, Bulgaria. They have a selection of properties with descriptions and pictures. This website is run with static pages and dynamic pages using a my-sql serverside database for serching through properties.
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Estates DB
Estates represents a web module for etate agents. It can be easily "plugged in" to an exisiting webiste and provides a search and display function for properties within the client's website.

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Professional imaging website provides an online gallery displaying images made by Sevensense. It has images and descriptions to all of the images provided and links to websites that display the images.
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Sevensense Flower header
This image is one of many in the header cycle at the top of It was made using a picture of a flower with a white faded foregorund to back up the Sevensense Imaging lettering.
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Sevensense Leaves header
This is a header that is part of the cycle on It is made up by taking pictures of autumn leaves and layering them on top of each other. There is a black fade on the left of the backgrund to pronounce the red leaf. The text was made using embossing effects and layering a leaf pattern over it.
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Sevensense Mountains header
This header was made by creating 3D terrain and viewing it with the 3D generator camera. Taking snapshots of the view and editing for antialiasing and brightness/contrast in Photoshop.
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